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Bike touring Brazil

Touring The Pantanal - 720km

The Pantanal should be on every travellers to do list. 


Day 1: Cuiabá to Poconé - 100km

Day 2 and 3: Poconé to Porto Jofre - 147km

Day 4: Porto Jofre

Day 5 and 6: Porto Jofre to Poconé - 147km

Day 7: Poconé to Baia dos Cavalos (-16.335676,-56.205788) - 68km

Day 8: Baia dos Cavalos to Barão de Melgaço (about) - 50km

Day 9: Barão de Melgaço

Day 10: Barão de Melgaço to Santo Antõnio do Leverger - 70km

Day 11: Santo Antonio do Leverger to Cuiabá - 35km

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